Stay tuned for news about our next exhibit, “Roadshow” (in collaboration with the Monday Night Poets), scheduled for June 11-August 13, 2022 at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton, CA.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the work from our last show, “What is Home? Hope, Humanity and Heart” Summer, 2021) below:

Contact artists directly with interest through their artist page on this site. Many of the artists are donating a portion of their proceeds to a local charity that serve the homeless.

Putting Feet to My Faith

I’ve always heard the verses:
“Let your light shine among men”,
“Love your neighbor as yourself”
And “As you do to the least of these
You do it to Me.”

But I’ve kept sitting in my pew,
Comfortable, but wondering.
I’m going to put feet to my faith.
Here’s a sandwich. Can I pray for you?

Art and Poetry by Joie McClements

Once Like You

by James Ong

Looking Forward

by Gary Coleman

“Morning Commute” by Jen Norton

If I am brave
I won’t look away
from the man with the cart.
Suddenly my problems, the kitchen remodel,
my son’s grades—not all A’s,
seem less somehow.

I roll down the car window
and slip my sack lunch
into his shopping cart.
In this moment I glimpse
we’re all in this together.

Poetry by Kate Orrange

“Where Will We Go” by Julia Watson

End of the Trail

As the north wind begins to blow
and the sheltering leaves fall,
we whisper “when must we leave?”

With a little money
but no bus or train here near the trail,
we wonder “how will we leave?”

All we have is a tent, a backpack,
and a pillowcase with a toy–
we mumble “where will we go?”

Poetry by Karen Donaldson

“Who Cares” by Kaaren Marquez

Who Cares

what a soul weighs

before or after life
it’s the in-between
that counts

and there are questions
to ask ourselves . . .

with a heavy heart
do we weigh more
does it sink
if we turn our back

are we not lighter
when we give
without wanting
something in return

who are we
if not each other
crossing paths, linking arms
lightening the load

Poetry by Alison Woolpert

“Helping Hands” by Kay Duffy

Semper Fidelis

the Salvation Army
ringer’s loud ringing

makes me consider that
that I have

the Meals on Wheels
rolls out and onward

makes me consider that
that I have

like a bird in the hand
not two in the bush

makes me consider that
that we all should have

Poetry by Alison Woolpert

“Drive By” by Nancy Takaichi

Side View

Hidden under the overpass
angling up and down
wooden pallets crisscross
tents rise and fall
a city within a city
struggling amid chaos.
How I wish I could look away,
but I can’t . . . what am I to do?

Poetry by Karen Donaldson