Nancy Takaichi

I’m hooked on plein air painting. There is an immersion that happens by being in the scene—the light, the air, the sounds and the scene itself envelope me. It is immediate and I can intimately react to not just what I see, but what I know to be true. I’m not interested in panoramic scenes; I want to parcel it down to what portion of the scene speaks to the enormity of it. I look for the story of what makes this place unique, and so often it is about the light. Living in Northern California, sunlight is a big part of any scene I paint and is a fascination of mine. I’m also interested in subject matter that is in transition. A downtown is revitalized. A vintage sign that no longer points to a business, an orchard before it is leveled for high density housing. I want to preserve it in paint. I understand things change and I understand and have benefitted from progress. But I feel compelled to honor this moment in time.